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about time for a post...

Omg, exams, they're terrible and they're gonna kill me...
so far the english and history exams are done, but that just leaves the hardest! SPANISH, MATH, and BIO!  D:<

my computer is pretty much dead. they screen freaks out and goes blank most of the time, so thats bad

I made my black star gloves yesterday. I like them.

I can't wait 4 summer :3 it shall be fun

that is all

long time no post

so not much is happening... ehh
other than the...................
lol XD my shark had a whole fish in its stomach and someone else's shark had a squid in its stomach

I've got a lots of homework which I'm not looking foward to.

oh, and the day before a otakon I'm going to see a concert with my friend sophie. Hyde (from Larc-en-ciel) is in a new band called Vamps. So I've got to go since its in Baltimore the day before otakon, and I'm a fan of Hyde. so I'm excited!!!!

and I'm getting a haircut soon. 

well, that all I have to say, bye bye

in NY, I'm bored, and a couple shout-outs

so I'm in NY for a couple days. school starts on tuesday. I am NOT excited for that.
any fun I'll have in NY will be tomorrow.
right now, time seems to move so slowly in this house. probably because there is absolutely nothing to do.
my grandma started crying earlier because she is having a hard time remembering stuff...
I brought Persona 3 which I started playing this week (I got the FES ver.) I found out there is a Play station2 here, but no controlers.......
this house makes me want to be alone and curl up in a little ball in a corner, which is what I'm doing except on the couch and in a corner.
and a big thanks to Sofia and Brittany because they have been crazy awesome at making me feel happy lately! XD

update.... :3

It's spring break!!! YAY! to bad its only one week...

for the last few weeks I've been feeling all lazy. well lazy probably isn't the right word
I've just got a bad/strange feeling in my stomach and all I do all day is sit in front of my computer watching anime or finding other ways to wasting time. I feel like I should be a little more productive...tho at the same time I really don't feel like doing anything.....
my mom and brother left for Ecuador so its just me and my dad at home. he's at work all day tho so I've got the house to myself for the week! XD
2morrow I'm going to go to joann's to get fabric for naoto, tho I'll get a bunch of houndstooth also for when I make chie's skirt eventually.
I started my black star costume finally. I'm going to use this week to work on cosplay a lot so I don't have to deal with it during school.
well that's all I have to say


I've realized something!
if someone doesn't like someone and that person that is being hated is sad but the person who is hating is happy that they are hating that person. then the person who is being hated is stupid for being sad.
Its like my mom says "I don't love thoses who don't love me".
I'm not talking about love, but its the same thing.
man, I was stupid.
I've got an idea that will make me unsad.
I'm going to turn over a new leaf!
so starting now there is no more bad fights, bad anything.
happy times being now! YAY!

(I think my writing is probably very confuzing to others ><)

another quick post

I made I post on high school drama a week or so ago.
but you know what stinks even more?
its when you don't know how to fix the problem. and then its to late.
and you are sad. and the other person isn't sad but seems happy.
and then I don't know what to do ._.
but you are the only one not happy with the situation, which is weird but at this point it isn't drama any more.
Now at this point its over. and the end result is a bad one.

I'll just deal by myself since I still have friends (close or not) and crap happen to everyone so I really shouldn't be complaining.
but since livejournal is kinda like a diary, I feel like complaining a little bit since this is not what I want to happen.
but then I think, and maybe friends are something that come and go.
I don't like that. I've always thought once I make a friend we should always be friends.
but no, that's not how this world works.

quick post...

This happened a couple days ago.
so after school I bought a popsicle (strawberry XD)
and it was cold, so I was think about all those movies and shows you see on tv where a kid would get their tongue stuck to a pole when it was snowing or something
so I stuck my tongue to my popsicle and left it there
and in conclusion I found out that getting you tongue stuck to a pole/popsicle is Very Possible! Don't try this!!!  >.<

real life drama sucks

real life drama sucks. Someone is always hating someone. and someone is always talking about someone else, and ect.
even if I'm not even involved I hear about it and it sucks because it usaully isn't pretty.
and then sometimes I am involved and then I feel even worse. and I hate it.
people who you consider your best friends end up hating you/me and then I won't even know why which makes me even more sad.
drama seems to build up throughout the school year. I don't even want to know what its going to be like at the end of the year.
People were happy and we were all friends back in Semptember. ) :
that being said I probably don't even have it as bad as others.

Katsucon 15 report

I got back from the con earlier.
I had a lot of fun hanging out with friends ^_^ its nice to see people you don't get to see often :3

thought I've got to say, the actual con wasn't to great >< the last con, AnimeUSA was in the same place a few months ago although I thought that con had a lot stuff more to do. this video game room didn't even have ddr D:

I probably went through the dealer's room at least 6 times. I endding up getting a clannad calender, 2 figures, Shoxx magizine, 2 posters, and i pre-pre-registered for AUSA 2009.
on friday: I got back from my internship (2 week community service) which was actually kinda fun and me and nadia took the metro to the con and met up with anat. I changed into shuichi shindou. then we bumped into anta's friend shoshi and changed / fixed our wigs / took some of their fudge in their room. then I lost anat and nadia so I went to the room I heard sofia was staying at. anat and nadia showed up later. I met Tom and Heather who were really nice ^^ and I saw willo again XD I also meet daniel who was also really nice :3 and I can't remember what happened after that. but I went home at 12:00am.

on saturday: I went back with anat and nadia around 11:30am. we went to the diner at some point. and we walked around the dealer's room twice. we walked around the artist alley to. then later we spent 2 hours (mostly nadia) getting ready for the valentine's day ball. so when we go down the line is crazy and they weren't even ready yet so we sat and waited for a while and I fell asleep on anat's shoulder but then it was time to go T_T so we didn't get to go.

on sunday: I met anat at the con around 11:00am. and we walked around the artist alley again (3 times actually) then we walked into the YMCK concert for a bit, the music was kinda like game music with keyboards and a squeaky (but cute) little singer. then we meet nadia and we got our stuff from the room, said good bye to everyone and then we left at 3:00pm.

So not to much happened but i still enjoyed hanging out with every body :)

the next con won't be till otakon D: which isn't for a while. But I'll get to see brittany :D 
there haven't been any real cosplay plans/photoshoot/groups in a long time D: I really feel like actually cosplaying now
Otakon cosplay plans:
-Black star: 10%
-Shinji Ikari: 100%
-Naoto or Chie (persona 4): 0%

I can't think of a title for this post.

I'll be doing community service 4 the next 2 weeks. its for intership, I'll be going with a bunch of other people from my school.
Yay! I'm being lazy and taking the easy way out of doing the required community service XD

i'm almost done with person 4 I've just got to beat the (real) killer. I cheated. yes. I didn't want a bad ending XD

and I'm trying not to talk about anime to much on my posts but omg. if anyone has been watching Clannad -after story-  the last episode (16) was so sad! D= I cried a bit.

i've been in a really lazy mood all day. much lazyer than normal...

2morrow (because of internship) I'm suposed to go to a public place a record what I hear/see for an hour. I think I'll go to a bookstore...